BNS  is a platform with a cryptocashback service, working on basis of a mobile application with the BNScoin cryptocurrency integrated, based on the Etherium Blockchain.

    We are creating an independent tool facilitating the distribution of crypto-cashback,

for use by our partners.

What is the state of cashback as a tool today? There are several services within the ecommerce

market that successfully facilitate the return of a certain percentage of the

purchase price when purchases are made from major online retailers. But using these

services involves a series of operations that are quite complicated for the average

purchaser, and the latter sometimes has to wait as long as two months before the cashback

arrives; in addition, the cashback reward must then then be shared with the service that

provided it. In offline retail, cashback is a prerogative of the banks. Cashback is paid a

month later, and in the majority of cases the reward amounts to only 1-2% of the purchase

price. There are, of course, a number of bank partners who pay as much as 15% to the user,

but this usually involves retailers that do not cause particular interest to the average

consumer, or else one-off promotions in the form of a large reward for an initial purchase.

    Our goal is to encourage the maximum possible number of users and partners to use

cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. This will be achieved through the instant payment of

our cryptocurrency as cashback on purchases from our partners. To achieve our goal, it is

not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency, therefore we are also developing additional

services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of

our cryptocurrency. Together, these services will form an infrastructure that can be used to

develop the sector as a whole.

    Our current model for working with partners:

Today, the primary concern for BNS operations is the motivation of users to

make purchases from partners by providing the latter with various benefits that encourage

loyalty to a brand (discounts, offers, various bonuses). Once BNScoin is on the market,

partners will motivate users to buy from them in return for paying BNScoin into the user’s

account. At present, BNScoin bonuses (which are not yet provided and which can be

exchanged for participation in the raffle of gadgets and an automobile) are paid out by the

BNS service. The total quantity of BNScoin held by users as of today is 10,000,000 BNS.

The first stage will be the integration of BNScoin into traditional markets: First, the

partner tops up his BNScoin balance by buying the digital currency using his personal

account, at the EPBC price (Exchange Price BNScoin—the BNScoin’s market price). The

level of the EPBC is determined by the exchange rate of the BNScoin at that particular

moment. The partner then uses his personal account to specify either a fixed sum or a

percentage of the sale price that he is ready to give the user as a cashback.

BNS app will offer integrated functionality to aggregate exchangers, and also the ability

to transfer BNScoin from one user to another (P2P) using a wallet interface.


Download and run BNS mobile app in your device.


Choose a company which is nearby or interesting for you in the list or on the map of BNS mobile app.


Check in at a spot of a chosen company or purchase goods and services via BNS mobile app and get BNScoin on your account.


Spend BNScoin in your online store or purchase from our counterparties, or exchange them to any currensy.


10.02.2018 - 01.03.2018

Private ICO

The Initial Coin Offering

01.03.2018 - 21.03.2018


Part of the collected funds is used for increasing the number of branch offices and coverage zone expanding, which allows us to involve new counterparties.

21.03.2018 - 01.04.2018


BNScoin exchanges launch

04.2018 - 06.2018


Trading platform integrated with online stores.

06.2018 - 07.2018


Open P2P commerce trading platform

07.2018 - 08.2018


Allows to purchase goods and services from the partners which are not ready yet to accept BNScoin. 

08.2018 - 10.2018


Analytical platform for scoring users in the system which allows partners to use crediting for various purposes (credit institutions& P2P lending)

10.2018 - 11.2018


P2P Loan platform allows to borrow loan in BNScoin and spend them for variable needs. Available to all partners. 

Further Development

More innovative moduls.



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